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Hi, I'm Kayvon!

Welcome to my homepage and portfolio. Below you can learn about my experience as a web developer, student, and musician, or view my resume.

A Blue Jay. And Proud.

I'm currently a third-year chemical and biomolecular engineering student at Johns Hopkins University.
Graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in 2015.
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Contact Me

Kayvon Tabrizi

kayvontabrizi.com | k@tabrizi.ws | (703) 989-6696 | Baltimore, Maryland


2015 – 2018
Baltimore, MD
Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Grad. May, 2018
2011 – 2015
Alexandria, VA
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
4.26 weighted G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale
Grad. June, 2015
2009 – 2011
Langston Hughes Middle School, Reston, VA

Research Experience

Chicago, IL
Molecular dynamics research in the Sosnick Group at University of Chicago
Explored new potentials for protein folding using various machine learning methods
Created analysis tools to assess changes in simulated folding kinetics due to point mutations
2016 – Present
Baltimore, MD
Computational biophysics research in the GrayLab
Created protocols to identify binding conformations of amino acids to various mineral surface models
Developed Monte Carlo simulations to generate canonical ensembles of bound conformations
Applied statistical mechanics and binding models to connect empirical AFM data to computational results
Tabrizi K.R., Pacella M.S., Gray J.J. Computation of Amino Acid-Mineral Surface Interaction
Thermodynamics via Detailed-Balance Sampling in Rosetta. Manuscript in preparation.
Presented a talk on my work at the 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting in Minnesota
Received undergraduate research funding through the Elenora Streb Muly Award
2014 – 2015
Alexandria, VA
Research in Thomas Jefferson's Chemical Analysis & Nanochemistry Lab
Studied the applications of microwave radiation and clay catalysts in organic syntheses
Applied analytical techniques, including gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and NMR
Performed vacuum and separatory filtrations, distillations, and other basic techniques
Prepared reflux condensation apparatuses, solutions, basifications, and other techniques
Produced a final paper and presentation outlining our experiment and its results (available here)
Mentored by Dr. Brian J. Kennedy (read more here)
August, 2014
Lansdowne, VA
Shadowed Dr. Ali Moshirfar, an orthopedic surgeon
2013 – 2014
Lab Work in Thomas Jefferson's DNA Science Lab
Amplified DNA through PCR to identify genotypes
Performed restriction digests, ligations, transformations, and plasmid preps
Gained experience with immunohistochemistry, Western blots, and ELISAs
Conducted serial dilutions, Bradford Assays, and gel electrophoresis
Practiced growing bacterial cultures, pipetting, centrifugation, and other techniques
Ran graphical and statistical data analysis, implemented NIH's BLAST databases
March, 2013
Wallops Island, VA
Coastal ecology field work at the CBFS Marine Science Consortium
Collaborative experimentation on the biodegradation of oil by algae
Created a research paper detailing the experiment and reviewing relevant literature
Produced a presentation outlining the experimental methods, results, and conclusions


Simulations development in various languages and fields:
Python: Developing Monte Carlo simulations to generate thermodynamic ensembles (via the Rosetta framework)
Matlab: Modeling dynamics of chemical processes as systems of non-linear differential equations
Wolfram Mathematica: Simulating gas particle collisions, phase-space flows, and elastic surfaces
ActionScript 2: Curve fitting, n-body interactions, modeling rotational inertia, and more
Parallelization via MPI for generating and manipulating large datasets on computing clusters
Statistical data analysis, interpretation and visualization in Matlab and R
Comfortable with UNIX and Windows Command Lines
Experience with version control tools (e.g. Git)
Full-stack web developer with experience in:
Server configuration and administration
Front-end web designer focusing on:
Responsive web design
Broad browser support
Simplicity and minimalism
Experience with 2D and 3D graphics in Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks
Game development with ActionScript 2


2016 – Present
Performed computational biophysics research focusing on simulations development and data analysis
Designed and developed a website to promote an author's nonfiction work (yfog.us)
Arlington, VA
Paid intern at the Center for the Study of Neuroeconomics at George Mason University
Modeling economic theories and decision (game) theory
Developing and testing various market simulations
Programming in Java and other C-based languages
2010 – 2014
Designed and developed kayrus.com, which features music and tech articles
Developed with PHP and MySQL
Features a custom content management system


Capable of learning new songs by ear in minutes, on both piano and guitar
Able to improvise on piano, though unable to read sheet music
Experience producing a variety of genres in the popular DAWs, Logic and Reaper


2011 – Present
Independently learned to play piano, guitar, and drums by ear
2010 – Present
Self-taught electronic music production and audio recording
2007 – 2011
Violin lessons and numerous school-sponsored concerts
2004 – 2007
Classical piano lessons with Lisa E. Sarratt

Award & Distinctions

2015 – Present
Dean's List
Fairfax, VA
Student Speaker at the TJHSST Graduation (PDF)
National Merit Finalist
AP Scholar with Distinction
First place in a regional Technology Students Association Systems Control programming competition
Gold Medal for poetry in the For the Love of Country writing competition

Community Service

2013 – 2015
Reston, VA
Weekly piano performances at Sunrise Assisted Living Center
McLean, VA
Volunteer work at the McLean Bible Church


Fluent in Portuguese
Proficient in French


Medicine and developmental engineering
Computer science and artificial intelligence
Performing, composing, and producing music
Cooking, rock climbing, and traveling
If you have any questions or would like to hire me, get in touch!